May 11, 2009


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swatch storyboard

Another idea we have come out for our swatch ad. But in the end we decided to follow the other idea, which is more direct.


May 8, 2009

Concept Development (storyboard Revised)

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A much more detailed storyboard for the final concept for Swatch Ad that was finalised last Friday evening.

Everything is keeps changing(elements from watch) but yet the Swatch watch stays centralised with time ever-changing, so as to show the idea of constantly changing.

We are using Time as a constant factor.

revised SB_1revised SB_2revised SB_3

8 Selected Swatch

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We will be working on these 8 watches in our clip to portray our concept: constantly changing.

May 5, 2009

Concept Development (storyboard)

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Here is the update on the concept for the Swatch Ad.

We decided to have different camera angles and shots that create more interest but yet still have the elements changing.

Different ways of morphing the elements to create a Swatch watch.


April 21, 2009

Sugar Animation

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These are the sugar animation sequence that we have done out to show that it is zero sugar, it’s possible.

April 15, 2009

Wednesday – The Coke Zero Storyboarding

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This is the storyboarding for Coke Zero tcv shoot.

The exploration on the animation & camera shoot

COKE zero_concept & moodboard

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Here is the concept about coke zero that is made possible, showing the impossibility made possible through the play of anti-gravity.

In the start, it shows close-up of a world (characters that look like ingredients of COKE zero dwelling there) then camera will zoom showing a character itself and its behaviour.

Then as the characters moves in its world-it looks up seeing something interesting, the camera will slowly pull out showing that there are 2 worlds (the liquid and the gaseous)



April 13, 2009

Monday – Coke Zero Ads & Commercial

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This are some of the Coke Zero Ads.

Some Characteristic

– Black Red & White

– Fluid Graphics, Water

– Bubbles

– Metalic Finishing

April 9, 2009

Thursday – Hp Research & Ideas

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Over Saturday we talk about the concept.

Well we have decided that it is going to be a clip that educate people so the clip will focus mainly on the general public.

We basically summaries that there are 2 kind of people, Computer idiots and the Pro.

The pro usually want to know things like the specification and such like the Speed/Ram/Processor of the computer.

We have augured and reached a ground zero.

We will educate people in general, things like specification will only be added in as small touches.

Hp Branding

Hp targeted Demographic is more like Students/young working adults. Thus there ads are usually very simple and cool. Even the way that the ads were being portrayed are very cool.

We decided not to stray too far from the branding thus we will use back the similar style.

Some how people get attracted to HP computers.

Out of 10 people, 8 considered buying HP laptop before. And from our research, it tells us that it is not about how good or cheap the computer is, its more like the Computer has a image of fun and easy to use, its is also multi function.

Hp also provides special package for students.

For example, usually before the start of school they would provide special prices such as 40% cheaper for students to buy certain HP Computers. These computers are also not the bad or low end ones, sometimes they are even the top notch ones.

April 8, 2009

Wedesday – NYP TV & On Air Logo

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This is the NYP TV And On Air Logo Design.

I am doing more on the traditional one.

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